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About this site...

I thought it would be neat to have a log of my Inkopolis Plaza/Splatsville Square art posts, and I also wanted to make a cool fansite with a cool layout. So, here we are!

There is no database or anything, I just input all the images and twitter links manually. Each post has an icon designating whether it was made on the Nintendo Switch itself, or whether I drew it on the PCThere is a tool called the Splatmeme Printer, which can be used to paint images pixel-by-pixel into Splatoon2 and Splatoon3's drawing screen. It requires no hacking, just a Teensy++ and a whole lot of headaches setting up the software it needs., and you can also click some icons and text to see tooltips. Watch for the faint dotted lines!

About me...

My name is Bluwiikoon, I'm a dude, I'm 29 years old, and I like to make art! I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.

I began playing Splatoon2 on 2021-10-04. Splatoon is very fun to play and has very creative mechanics, and I'm grateful that the communication options allow for very little toxicity in online play.
Later on, I started playing Splatoon3 the moment it was released, and I adore it!

My fave weapons in Splatoon3 are the Explosher, the Custom Splattershot Jr., the Sloshing Machine, and the Ballpoint Splatling. My username for online play and tweeting plaza/square posts is RoboSethie.

My favourite Splatoon idol? During Splatoon 2 I would've said Cap'n Cuttlefish, but now...

big man my beloved

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