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United we Stand, under the Largest Man.


On August 10th 2022, our lives would change forever. From the shadows he rose, bringing us light, bringing us purpose.
His name... is Big Man.

He is Big. He is Man. And he is our Friend.

Big Man-ifesto

  • As the society of Splatsville celebrates and accepts diversity, Big Man celebrates and welcomes all in return. There shall be no bigotry, no hatred within his realm, lest you be cast back out into the darkness.

  • One need not be Big or a Man to have the heart of Big Man. To strive to be one's best self, to treat others with kindness and compassion is all one needs to achieve the spirit of Big Man.

  • While we may compete in Splatfests and competition, it is done purely out of love for the sport. We honour our deepest friends, the alliances of Shiver and Frye, by means of good sportsmanship and the most excellent battles we can muster.

  • Support every player as they strive for greatness, whether they be a follower of Big Man or not. To become truly Big as a community, we must bolster the smallest.

  • Trans rights

Together, we can be Bigger than we are alone.
Together, we can make Big Man proud.
Do it for him.

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