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Ever wanted to adopt a little blorbo guy? You're in luck!


Inkees are an open species. You may create OCs of them with no issues.

Inkees appear to be larger mutations of common ink-eating bacteria. Nobody knows where they came from, but they're docile and pretty cute, so now people keep them as pets.

The main appeal of Inkees is that they mimic the shapes of creatures and objects. The forms they take are very simple, however, and most Inkees can only be one or two colours at a time.

One glass of ink is enough to keep an Inkees fed for three months, so they're very low-maintenance. When they are well-cared-for, they seem to live indefinitely. No matter how old they are or how much they feed, they never get larger than hand-held size.

Inkees are vulnerable to water, to high pressure (being crushed), and to sharp objects. They may also starve if they don't have access to ink for around five months. Please treat Inkees with kindness and care.

Inkees reproduce by dividing into two, smaller Inkees. The two new Inkees may be similar at first, but will often choose whole new forms and colours as their "default" one. When small, they must eat extra ink to regain their usual mass.

Particularly smart and skilled Inkees can be taught to shapeshift on command. They will return to their "default" or favourite form after a while, though.

Inkees are available at all local Splatsville pet stores.

Adoptable Inkees Pixels

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