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Where there's a meeting, there's bound to be a parting. I hope we meet again someday.

Neocities Mutuals

⚠ I cannot personally guarantee that the links below do not contain autoplaying music, flashing images, or mature content. Tread carefully!
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Links last updated... late 2022? Please bear with me if you're a mutual and not listed here yet, ahaha...

koinuko slumber Heart 143 Encounters LTD. Swifty's HQ Kalechips casiopea MOTHTONOTH MystSaphyr nathub Po Town redstring sakana Gildedware tiger carnival confettigo hat's 猫コミコン sugarteara Cinnamuff's Galaxy! Oaaky's World Pizzarisu Xomii Ink

ARandomSite / Badgersaurus / The Trash Lair / STINKSITE / Grub's Webhub / sheepidol .

If you're a mutual and not listed here, or you create a new button for your website, let me know!

Splatoon Resources

Inkipedia - A hub for all Splatoon information. - Information and tools for weapon builds and competitive play. - A tool that automatically archives all plaza posts that are tweeted with the #Splatoon2 and #NintendoSwitch hashtags.

Splatoon fonts - Ripped by frozenpandaman on Reddit.

Ikaclo - A tool for trading gear with other users, for when you really need gear with certain abilities.

SalmonRun.Ink - A hub of Salmon Run information and guides, also featuring bingo cards and a Discord server.

Splatoon Fun

世界のスプラトゥーン (Splatoon World) - Funny and amazing Splatoon clips from around the globe. If you follow @splatoon__world on twitter or tweet #splatoon__world when you upload clips, they may be used in a video! (with credit, of course.)

rassicas - Their videos on Splatoon lore simply can't be matched. They personally translate JP-exclusive Splatoon information, too!

John Sandwich - John creates incredible Splatoon SFM animations, that are usually either funny or extremely heartwarming. Many have a comfy and domestic feeling to them. High-quality work!

Splatoon OST: Tentacular Circus - A musical masterpiece.

The Very Interesting Lives Of Jellyfish - A Splatoon Documentary - A gentle and calming video.

Camellia - Shun no Shifudo o Ikashita Kare Fumi Paeria - "Here's the octopus!" Not even a Splatoon-related thing, but an octopus-related thing. I think it would be neat if someone made an animation or clip compilation set to this song.

SPLATTING HERE, I REALISE - A Metal Gear Rising meme? In my Splatoon!?

Other Links

The Cave of Dragonflies
The Cave of Dragonflies - Probably the one indie website I've spent the most cumulative time visiting over the years. Very high quality and original Pokémon content, and very good resources for creating and maintaining websites.

Thousand Roads - Home to a nice Discord community full of very sweet and good people. :) A great place for writing and enjoying Pokémon fanfics!

More cool links to be added if and when I remember them!

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