Sub-section: Inkees.
A species of blobby, shapeshifting, cute li'l guys who seem to be larger mutations of common ink-eating bacteria. They are an open species, meaning you are free to create OCs of them if you want to.


Ziffy is the responsible one. She often uses cash food tickets to boost her battle earnings, so everyone else can buy nice things. She likes to go fast and zoom around with the Sploosh-o-matic 7, but she sometimes also opts for long-range play, such as with the Jet Squelcher or Splat Charger. She ends up acting as the team medic in Salmon Run shifts, sometimes...

She prefers to wear a Snorkel Mask for her headgear, because it helps her feel less anxious when swimming in strange ink. It also sometimes means she can avoid having to perform facial expressions in social situations.

Default gear.

Jet Squelcher/Splat Charger gear.

Chibi artwork.


Melty was born with a rare condition that inhibits her control over her physical form. She learned to shift into humanoid form much later than other Inklings, and she always seems to be dripping or melting very slightly, even in squid form. She tries not to let it bother her too much, and only keeps company with people who won't tease her or patronise her over her physical condition. In many cases, Melty's the smartest person in the group, as she's spent much longer studying and surfing the web compared to other squids.

Although she won't go into public lobbies out of anxiety, she loves turfing and playing private ranked modes with friends. She finds it cumbersome to use anything other than lightweight weapons, but she is very adept at battling when people give her a chance. When it comes down to it, she's just a normal squid, drips and all.

While outside of combat, she may use her (deactivated) Inkbrush as a walking aid.

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Her hair is very long and wavy in the back, seeming to turn into liquid at the ends.

Chibi art.

Squid form. Woomy!

Portrait made with Mebuika Icon Maker.

Robo Sethie

A mysterious and eccentric man who claims to be from space. According to Robo Sethie, he is actually a cybernetic lifeform who adapts his appearance via his magic powers to fit into the society of any new planet he visits. Luckily, squid society is so chill that they don't mind if he outright claims to be an alien.

He acts as a kind of coach for Ziffy's ragtag group, offering them combat advice and general life advice. He is unusually tall compared to the average Inkling, and has a strange greyish skintone.

Oh! An action pose!

Chibi mode.


Wrasse was raised among Octarians, and is trained in all forms of Octo warfare and technology. She fully believes that she is an Octoling, and those who insist otherwise tend to earn her ire and inkfire. Despite her fearsome looks, she is very naive and gullible, and the only thing she can't be swayed on is her identity.

She assumes most folks in Inkopolis are in fact Inklings, including Marina, since that's what she was told when growing up. She has issues with face-blindness, and won't remember a person's face or name unless they hang out relatively frequently. When she eats candy, she gets so overwhelmed by the sweet flavour that she starts to cry.

A normal Octoling.

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