Splatoon Webpage Ideas

Making a webpage is fun, but it can be kind of hard to think of stuff. I would love to see more Splatoon fansites on Neocities, so I decided to collect a list of free ideas for pages you could potentially make.

The key thing is that your fansite belongs to you, so it's fully your choice what you publish on it. It can be as silly or as professional as you want!

Opinion-based ideas

☆ A page about your history with Splatoon - how you got into the series, what your first game was, and how your experience has been!

☆ A page for what your Splatfest choices were, or what they would be, if you weren't able to play in prior Splatfests in the series (or were region-locked from them - prior to Splatoon 3, different regions would have different Splatfests).

☆ Ranking each ink colour in the games, from worst to best. A tier list, perhaps!

☆ Personal opinions on every Salmonid featured in the games, whether your opinion ranges from "aww! cute!" to "DESTROY IT IMMEDIATELY OH MY COD".

☆ A list of game series that you think would make great crossovers with Splatoon.

☆ Lists of Pokémon teams that you think Splatoon characters would have.

Positive, happy ideas

☆ Shrines for your favourite characters, favourite weapons, favourite stages, or any other things you really love in Splatoon!

☆ Aesthetic pages of official artwork, official designs, and screenshots that you enjoy a lot.

☆ A personal collection of pixel art that you've adopted (be sure to link back to the creators!).

☆ Links to Splatoon artists, youtubers, and/or streamers whose work you enjoy.

☆ Your absolute favourite moments from the games that made you smile, laugh, and maybe even cry a little.

Art/creativity ideas

☆ A page of your Splatoon OCs. You can even make sub-pages for each character, if you want to go into a lot more detail about them.

☆ A collection of your artwork that you've made, if you happen to make art!

☆ Your personal headcanons about Agent 3 (Captain 3), Agent 4, Agent 8, and Neo Agent 3. Everyone envisions these characters in different ways, so it can be interesting to see!

Silly ideas

☆ A page where you post a single .png of Smallfry (the li'l buddy) from Splatoon 3 with no context or explanation.

☆ Splat Tim cryptid sighting page, with blurry .jpegs and conspiracy theories. The truth is out there!

☆ Funny screenshots and memes that you personally enjoy, with links to the sources if possible.

☆ Splatoon-themed puns and wordplay, for tormenting your best friends.

More ideas may be added later. Do your best, and have fun!

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