Which Idol are you?

Ever wanted to be assigned a funny personality image based upon the Splatoon idols? I got you covered! There are 7 possible results, corresponding to each official idol present in the Splatoon games. Enjoy!

Hey there! How's it going?

So, assuming you're a fan of Splatoon idol groups, how do you feel about the Squid Sisters?

How about other Splatbands? What kind of feelings do you have about the bands in the Splatoon universe?

If you could live inside the Splatoon universe, would you do so?

How do Chargers (like, really good Chargers) on the opposing team make you feel when you play the game?

Do you pick Splatfest teams based on what you like, or based on which idol you like?

If someone "Booyah!"s you after you get splatted, how do you feel?

Classic Pokémon Mystery Dungeon question! If a hand was reaching out of the toilet, how would you react?

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

How excited are you for your quiz result?

Curious about the other possible results? Click here to see all of them! You got Callie! Outgoing and passionate, this idol is always ready to bring smiles to her fans. While eager to help out and to go on wild adventures, she sometimes forgets the part about looking before she leaps.
You got Marie! She has an air of refinement, and seems as cool as a cucumber. However, she's not afraid to make cutting remarks when necessary. Despite her stoic attitude, she would do anything for her close friends and family.
You got Pearl! As spicy as they come, her rough-and-tumble attitude and brash exterior hides a true friend with a heart of gold. Cross any of her pals, and you'll soon regret it!
You got Marina! She can be cautious and reserved at times, but once she's comfortable around you, her bubbly and enthusiastic side comes to light. Her singing and sheer passion brings the stage to life every time.
You got Shiver! Beneath this idol's elegant and refined demeanour lies a cutting edge, a side so brutal to the point of seeming scary and unhinged. Or, it may just make Shiver look a little silly. Either way, this idol absolutely lives for the dramatic flair of it all.
You got Frye! Enthusiastic and excitable, it seems near-impossible for Frye to sit still for too long. Open and honest about everything she loves and everything she doesn't love, she's always ready to throw down, whether it's in the dance theater or on the battlefield.
You got Big Man! His mild manners and easygoing attitude makes him very easy to get along with. He may almost seem shy at times, causing a huge surprise when his passion for music and dancing does present itself. He doesn't mind chilling in the background, but he will always stand up for his friends when necessary.
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