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If I make any other pages that don't fit into the main categories and main menu, they can go here.

Which Idol are you?

Ever wanted to be assigned a funny personality image based upon the Splatoon idols? I got you covered!

How to Make Cool and Epic Splatoon 3 Splatsville Square Posts

How do people get their work from the PC onto the Switch, anyway? This guide tells you everything.

Splatoon Webpage Ideas

Want to make a Splatoon fansite or Splatoon pages, but lacking ideas? Here's a list of some!

The Big Man Alliance

He is Big. He is our Man. And united we stand.

The Chill Zone

Here, you can just watch squids drift around on an empty page when you click the buttons, as long as you have javascript enabled. Bring your own background music for maximum chill.

To enter the Chill Zone, click here.

Furrytail's Icon Maker features a cool Icon Maker with free-to-use javascript. I decided to translate their instructions in order to make it more accessible for English webmasters.

To access the English version of the Icon Maker and its download link, click here.

Potential Ideas

-Sightings (for when people send me screenshots of my art appearing in Inkopolis Plaza)
-Non-Plaza art (for larger and coloured pieces)
-My personal Splatoon clip collection...? (only the best ones, though.)

We'll see how things turn out!

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