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Sitemap Zone

Main Page - Where my collection of Inkopolis Plaza/Splatsville Square art and newest updates are displayed.

  • Chronological Order - Same as above, but now the drawings are organised by the date they were created.

About - Contact details, information about the site, and information about me.

OCs - My original Splatoon characters.

  • Inkees - A species of blobby, shapeshifting, cute li'l guys who seem to be larger mutations of common ink-eating bacteria. They are an open species, meaning you are free to create OCs of them if you want to.

Links - Buttons and links that lead to other Web Zones.

Pixels - Pixel art I've made, that you can adopt for toybox/adoptable galleries or use in graphics.

Etc. - Directory of any other things I decide to add to this website. They'll also be listed below here, if I make any.

Sitemap - Have you ever wanted to wander in an endless loop?

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